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Full Support for VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, Fine Grained Network Visibility Controls for Amazon AWS EC2, Monitoring Policy for Default Alerts

There is no vacation time here at ScaleXtreme. With Fall just around the corner we are supercharging our automated monitoring, patch management, and advanced cloud management features. Our new products are packed with time-saving features that make monitoring and managing your internal enterprise and cloud server deployments easier-than-ever. Please let us know what you think! [...]

New Product Features: Monitoring Reports, Advanced Custom Metrics with Collector Script, New Utility Steps for Workflow Processes, Cloud Instance Permissions, Key Pair Management

Summer is in full swing and we here at ScaleXtreme hope you are finding time to enjoy it. In fact, that is our goal—to save you time with automated monitoring, patch, and advanced cloud management solutions that free you from routine tasks, and make complex deployments a breeze—so you have more time to innovate, create, [...]

New Product Features: Patch Policies, EC2-VPC Support, Alert-Based Processes and More!

The 4th of July is coming up fast — and our development team is already setting off some fireworks of their own, busy as usual, cranking out new monitoring, patch, and advanced cloud management/automation features that will give ScaleXtreme users even more reason to celebrate! New Product Features Patch Policies Our Patch and Update Management [...]

New Features: Windows Event Log Alerts and More!

Recently, a valued customer wrote to us: “ScaleXtreme would be mind-blowing if you only had alerts for Windows Event Logs.” And he wasn’t the first to suggest this. Well, we’ve been listening, and now, by popular demand, we are pleased to announce full support for Windows Event Log Alerts. Windows Event Log Alerts notify you [...]

New Android App, Upcoming Webinar Event & New Product Features

Summer’s almost here and ScaleXtreme’s engineering staff has been hard at work delivering new monitoring, patch, and advanced cloud automation features to free you from time-consuming, manual tasks—so you can spend more time doing the things you want to do, with confidence that your systems are running smoothly. ScaleXtreme is please to announce these new [...]

Spring 2013: New Products, Features, and Pricing!

ScaleXtreme is pleased to announce these new product lines for Spring 2013: Server & Application Monitoring for Windows and Linux  Windows Patch and Linux Update Management Advanced Cloud Management Our new products are packed with innovative, time-saving features that make it easier-than-ever to monitor and manage your internal enterprise and cloud server deployments—all from our [...]

New Feature! ScaleXtreme Unveils Orchestration Engine for Advanced Cloud Management

ScaleXtreme CEO Nand Mulchandani made a special guest appearance this week at the NYC Cloud Computing Group Meetup to discuss “tackling cloud complexity with automation,” and to introduce ScaleXtreme’s Workflow Designer—a powerful multi-cloud orchestration engine that helps customers design, deploy, and operate complex cloud deployments. The Workflow Designer, which leverages ScaleXtreme’s cloud-based server automation capability, simplifies [...]

ScaleXtreme @ Cloud Meetup in NYC on April 23

Many thanks to Michael Bisignani and John D’Esposito of the New York City Cloud Computing Group for inviting ScaleXtreme to present to the group. Should be a fun meeting, and we’ll talk about a whole bunch of interesting topics around building and deploying servers and applications on public cloud platforms. To register, use this link: [...]

Server Monitoring & Cloud Management for Your iPad from ScaleXtreme

ScaleXtreme revolutionized server monitoring and cloud management when we put the power of our cloud-based tools onto your iPhone. Now we’ve taken those same tools and blown them up for use on your Apple iPad or iPad mini. And it looks great. Really. Check out the screen shot below.   If you haven’t noticed, the [...]

NASA Patch Management Program Severs Ties to ISS

“Oops!” That’s something you never want to hear a rocket scientist say. But this morning NASA lost communication with the International Space Station during a routine software update. The connection was down for nearly three hours, causing some serious concern on the ground. NASA says: “Flight controllers were in the process of updating the station’s [...]

Server Monitoring and Cloud Management Overview Dashboard Update

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a cloud application for your server monitoring and cloud management is that we can provide you with continuous innovation and improvement—delivered right to your desktop or iOS device. So if you’ve logged in to the ScaleXtreme product recently, you’ve seen our streamlined Overview Dashboard. Our user-interface designers have [...]

Rackspace Cloud Tools: ScaleXtreme

The Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace is becoming an increasingly vibrant community, full of lots of great vendors. If you’re a Rackspace customer, it’s worth a reminder that ScaleXtreme is part of the Maketplace. You can see our page and use us natively with Rackspace. See this video that Rackspace’s thought leadership team made about our [...]

Uptime & Availability Matter: Amazon Loses Nearly $5 Million in Outage

Ouch. That’s got to sting. went down for 49 minutes January 31 and, according to a calculation by Brandon Butler, lost just shy of $5 million in the process. is, of course, the biggest user of Amazon Web Services, so the hit to its revenue stream is also a knock to its burgeoning [...]

Cloud Management Costs an Obstacle for IaaS Adoption

KPMG has a new report out that shows both the road bumps enterprises are experiencing on their road to the cloud and the different perspectives of business leaders and IT leaders on the cloud’s impact. Cloud cost management is a big issue for enterprises and 33% of IT leaders surveyed by KPMG said the cloud [...]

Hybrid Cloud Management is a Big Business

Big companies are adopting cloud computing in a big way. But a path to the public cloud can take several steps and usually involves testing workloads inside the enterprise first on virtual machines and then on a private cloud before making the leap to Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Terremark or one of the many companies [...]